Christ Our Rock Capital Campaign Kicks Off
November, 2015

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The Lord has blessed us with more than 100 students for a number of years, and it is time to build a addition.  The addition will include an art room and a new music room, allowing the current art and music rooms to be converted to regular classroom and office space, as well as expanded commons seating.

Floor plan for new classroom addition currently being constructed to connect to the original 2007 structure.

 However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace. Acts. 20:24

It is said that when a young baseball player makes the jump from the minors to the Major Leagues, he goes through five stages: I’m just happy to be here, I want to stay here, I belong here, I want to be financially secure, I want to win.  You may have seen this in players on your favorite team.  It is a five step process that can take days, weeks, years.  It is different for every player.

Christ Our Rock Lutheran High School is going through the same stages.  At first everyone was thrilled that after years of planning, the school opened in rented facilities with a committed administrator and teachers. We celebrated.  Then the decision was made to build our own school because we wanted to stay here and serve the community.  As years went by, we saw the effectiveness of the ministry, how God was blessing the venture, and we decided that we belonged here, serving the young people within a five county radius.  We continue to strive to be financially secure and to win over the communities in the area, win more students to become Christian leaders, and to finish the race in which God has us competing.

After a successful Seeking, Serving, Soaring campaign 5 years ago, the school has made great strides in its outside areas for the students and is ready to plunge into the building program that has long been promised.  The Board of Directors have been good stewards, using funds where they were needed and paying down debt.  Unfortunately, building costs have increased, which is no surprise, and needs have changed slightly, causing small changes to the original plans.  This, of course, means that the funds  currently held, can begin the construction, but more will be needed to finish it right.  We also want to “win” the battle by keeping the school financially secure.

For this reason, we now enter a new capital campaign called Finishing the Race, which, fittingly, includes paying down more debt and adding funds to what is already held for construction so that it can be finished out properly and finishing the track as well as.  Any additional funds will be banked in the Foundation to assure long term solvency.

Our lunchroom tends to be a bit full during the lunchtime break!    
The current plan is to remove the wall into the music room allowing the commons area to expand.      

New classrooms will allow some relief on over-crowded rooms elsewhere in the building
and improve scheduling of classroom use and teacher occupancy. 

A relocated music room will be even larger with an open ceiling which will give music directors options for risers.
It will also be less distracting to the other classrooms. 

The new art room will provide more room and storage space for student work;
It will also accommodate a donated kiln which the school already has in hand. 

Our outdoor sports -  Baseball, Softball, Soccer and Track & Field - 
have benefitted greatly from ongoing improvements being made to land west of the school. 

A generous donation provided an asphalt track which will eventually need 
an all-weather surface; work is already underway on the classroom addition. 

The student body gathers daily for devotions before beginning the school day.
Chapel is held every Wednesday.

The Campaign 

Whereas the SSS (Seeking-Serving-Soaring) campaign generated the funds to build an addition to our building, and...

Whereas the COR Board of Directors has determined that the time has arrived to  build, and..

Whereas good stewardship dictates that we not borrow additional funds to finish the  project, and..

Whereas successful campaigns can often  deplete a school’s operating funds, and

Therefore, it is necessary to begin a new campaign to raise $600,000…

  • $100,000 to complete outdoor facilities
  • $200,000 to maximize wise use of  the addition
  • $200,000 to augment operating and tuition assistance programs
  • $100,000 toward debt reduction

The Lord continues to bless our growth!  We invite you join us in Finishing the Race by contacting us today!

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